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Five Things the Energy Transition Can’t Do Without

Achieving the energy transition will take money, minerals, land, water, and skilled labor. Will we have enough of each?

by |December 7, 2022
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Photos, Tweets, and More: Columbia Climate School at COP27

Learn more about how Columbia Climate School has been advancing the conversation at the world’s most important climate change summit.

by |November 17, 2022
6 headshots of researchers attending cop27

COP27: Delegates From the Columbia Climate School Share Their Plans and Hopes

A number of representatives from the Columbia Climate School will be attending the global climate summit in Egypt. Here’s what they’ll be up to, and what they hope to achieve.

by |October 31, 2022
aerial view of farmland

Applications Now Open: 2023 Virtual Executive Training on Sustainable Investments in Agriculture

The virtual training in May will provide an overview of pressing issues related to agricultural investments and introduce practical skills.

protest against wind farm development in Oaxaca

Mining, Land Grabs, and More: When Decarbonization Conflicts With Human Rights

Transitioning off fossil fuels isn’t all sunshine and roses. Experts from around Columbia Climate School weigh in on how governments and developers can move forward responsibly.

by |September 22, 2022
person in field near wind turbines

Just Transitions: Can Wind and Solar Projects Turn Human Rights Lessons Into Leadership?

Wind and solar projects have a human rights problem. But they don’t have to.

by Sarah Dolton-Zborowski |August 25, 2022
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Apply Now: Fall 2022 Internships With the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

A variety of positions are available. Applications will be accepted until September 15.

birds eye view of a mine

Integrating Climate Change, Decarbonization, and Just Transition Considerations Into Extractive Industry Contracts

Suggestions from experts at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment.

by Martin Dietrich Brauch and Perrine Toledano |June 24, 2022

Summer 2022 Internship Opportunity with the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

A summer internship is available with the COMET Initiative. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

people working in a paddy field

Investment Governance in Cambodia: A Window of Opportunity

A new investment law in Cambodia could open the way for more inclusive, sustainable investment.

by Thy Try, Thierry Berger, and Anna Bulman |May 4, 2022