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Year in Review: Our Top Stories of 2023

2023 was one for the books—a record-breaking year for phenomena like deadly heat waves, massive wildfires and catastrophic floods. But it was also a year with historic wins like a landmark agreement to support a Loss and Damage fund, and an increasing focus on climate finance to help developing countries suffering the greatest impacts from a changing climate.

Researchers, scientists, policy experts, students and many others are working together to mitigate the effects of climate change, during events like Climate Week NYC, COP28 and Columbia Climate School’s Managed Retreat Conference, among other initiatives. And in 2023, more students than ever before graduated from the Columbia Climate School, ready to contribute their education and experiences to building a better future.

State of the Planet published hundreds of stories this year focusing on the current, past and future climate, as well as the individuals who help us understand and work toward a safer and more equitable future. You can read a short roundup of our most viewed articles below.

Some of Our Most Popular Posts From 2023

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Most Covered in the Media

Video Highlights

We launched our Science for the Planet video series, featuring short explainers about how Climate School researchers are learning about the impacts of climate change.

That’s it for now. See you in 2024!

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Recent record-breaking heat waves have affected communities across the world. The Extreme Heat Workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners to advance the state of knowledge, identify community needs, and develop a framework for evaluating risks with a focus on climate justice. Register by June 15

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