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Two men and a woman in formal wear pose in front of a Vetlesen Prize backdrop

Vetlesen Prize Ceremony Honors Two Distinguished Researchers in Earth Sciences

A celebration held at Columbia University recognized scientists Anny Cazenave and David Kohlstedt as the 2020 and 2023 Vetlesen Prize recipients.

by |May 1, 2023

Q&A With French Geophysicist and 2020 Vetlesen Prize Winner Anny Cazenave

For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, world-renowned geophysicist Anny Cazenave discusses her research journey, the Vetlesen Prize, and her hopes for younger women scientists entering the field.

by |February 10, 2023

The Canary in the Coal Mine: Frank Granshaw on Glaciers and Geoscience Education

Frank Granshaw discusses changes in geoscience, education, and glaciers throughout his career as a glacial geologist and climate science educator.

by |March 23, 2022

Whole-Earth Systems Initiative Is Needed, Says Report to National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) should create an initiative to explore the interactions between human society and the systems of the natural world, says a new report.

by |September 23, 2021
A photograph shows Earth from space.

Melting Glaciers Have Shifted the Earth’s Axis

New research from the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that polar drift experienced in the 1990s was caused by a redistribution of water from glaciers to oceans.

by |May 19, 2021

Lamont-Doherty Program Aims to Bring More Diversity to Earth Science

The Secondary School Field Research Program offers a diverse group of young people a unique opportunity to do field and laboratory research.

by |July 22, 2020

Announcing a New Earth Institute Affiliation Program

Are you a Columbia faculty, researcher or staff person with work related to sustainability, climate or earth and environmental science? We invite you to join the Earth Institute community by becoming an Affiliate.

by |October 3, 2019
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Climate Experts: A Journalist’s Guide

Sources and story ideas for journalists covering all aspects of climate change.

by |September 11, 2019

Your Earth Questions, Answered

In celebration of Earth Month and Earth Day, our scientists are tackling reader questions on science and sustainability.

by |April 17, 2019

Photo Essay: On an Island, a Lost Part of the World Is Found

On the volcanic Indian Ocean island of Anjouan, scientists are investigating a rock that apparently formed on a far-off continent.

by |February 12, 2019