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How Ecology Could Inspire Better Artificial Intelligence, and Vice Versa

Two complex fields of human endeavor may have a lot to learn from each other.

by |September 11, 2023
A woman with blonde hair smiling.

Inside New York’s Concrete Jungle with Amy Karpati

Ecologist and environmental educator Amy Karpati discusses urban ecosystems and paths to restoration in New York City and beyond.

by Bhavya Jha |March 29, 2023

Weddell Seal Population May Be Much Lower Than Previously Thought

High-resolution satellite images allowed researchers to do a more comprehensive head count than ever before, and revealed patterns in the seals’ distribution.

by |February 4, 2022

How Climate Change Will Affect Plants

While elevated levels of CO2 can help plants grow, the impacts of climate change mean it’s not all good news for the plant world.

by |January 27, 2022

Columbia Professor Shahid Naeem to Head Ecological Society of America

The Columbia ecologist will serve as the society’s president in 2023-2024.

by |December 9, 2021
Two tiny flies sit on wet snow.

Scientist Questions Ethics of Collecting Endangered Insects for Study

As glaciers disappear, so too do the insects that call them home. So an ecologist has questioned whether traditional methods of killing insects to study them is sustainable.

by |November 4, 2021

That’s a Wrap for SIPA’s 2021 Summer Ecology Courses

Students in the MPA in Environmental Science and Policy program learned about the ecology of NYC and other cities around the world this summer as they completed courses in Principles of Ecology and Urban Ecology.

by Alexis Earl |September 28, 2021
A close up of small yellow flowers on a light green, fuzzy stem.

Retreating Glaciers Threaten Herbs Used to Make Iconic Alpine Liqueurs

As glaciers recede in the Italian Alps, a shift toward grasslands is threatening native herbs like Artemisia genipi, a key ingredient in the region’s traditional liqueurs.

by |March 10, 2021
A small house with a red roof sits in a field of golden grass. Behind the house is a massive mountain, with a river of ice running down it.

In Iceland, Melting Glaciers Give Way to Plant Life

A recent study examines the changes in the foreland of a melting Icelandic glacier. With ice gone, new plant life is springing up and changing a centuries-old ecosystem.

by |February 24, 2021

Out on the Farm With SEE-U NYC

This summer, the Summer Ecosystem Experiences for Undergraduates gave students an in-depth look at the food systems in and around NYC.

by |October 11, 2019