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The Impact of the 15th Biodiversity Conference of Parties (COP 15)

Conferences like COP 15 can enhance the understanding of less-visible environmental issues like biodiversity loss, but the real action is at the national, community, and organizational levels.

by |June 26, 2023

Weddell Seal Population May Be Much Lower Than Previously Thought

High-resolution satellite images allowed researchers to do a more comprehensive head count than ever before, and revealed patterns in the seals’ distribution.

by |February 4, 2022
Students invited to present

High School Students Learn From and Educate Communities About Hudson River Ecosystems

In the Next Generation of Hudson River Educators program, students learned what community members think about the Hudson and developed tools to share their own findings.

by |October 29, 2021

Now-Extinct Giant South American Sloth Likely Devoured Meat With Its Vegetables

Up to now, it has been thought that the two-ton Darwin’s ground sloth, which lived up to 10,000 years ago, was strictly vegetarian. Apparently not.

by |October 7, 2021
Community Member

Personal Interviews Gain Insights to Community Perspectives

Interviews provide an emotional and thoughtful connection to others through discussing and sharing over topics that they might never have a chance to discuss otherwise.

by |September 6, 2021

Issues of Inequity Explored By the Next Generation of Hudson River Educators

When it comes to access to nature and environmental protection of these resources, environmental resources are all too often not allocated equitably.

by |August 29, 2021
two vaquitas swimming

A Porpoise at the Precipice: Should We Let the Vaquita Go?

With mothers and calves among the last nine or so porpoises, recovery is still possible. This is a rare instance where a small, specific investment could help bring the vaquita back from the brink.

by |August 3, 2021

Warming in Norwegian Fjord Causing Changes in Seabird Populations

A recent study examines how shifts in water temperature and coastline glaciers create challenges and opportunities for seabirds in Norway’s Hornsund fjord.

by |April 28, 2021
mendenhall glacier

Controversial Alaskan Mine Receives a Push From the Trump Administration

A proposed rare earth element mine on a mountainous island in Alaska is at the center of a geopolitical conflict and an environmental crisis.

by |September 30, 2020

A Summer Immersed in the Hudson: Next Generation of Hudson River Educators

Interns developed skills in science communication by creating educational materials about the river’s colorful stories, myths, and misunderstandings.

by |September 4, 2020