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An emerging proglacial landscape of the Tour glacier on Mont Blanc in the French Alps.

International Framework Aims to Protect and Manage Lands Recently Exposed by Glacier Retreat

As global temperatures increase, questions regarding how to sustainably manage and steward lands recently exposed by glacier retreat are arising. In response, a team of researchers has proposed an international framework that could address these questions while empowering local adaptations around the world.

by |June 2, 2022

Climate Change Is Destroying Honey Production in Kyrgyzstan

The loss of glaciers in Kyrgyzstan is having a devastating impact on water supply for farmers and wildflower pastures, imperiling the country’s renowned honey industry.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |November 9, 2021

Kyrgyzstan Will Move Away From Coal to Hydropower by 2050

At COP26, Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov made a statement about transitioning to an emission-free economy and the impact of climate change on the people of mountainous areas.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |November 3, 2021
Mount Kanchenjunga, the third largest mountain in the world, is shared between Nepal and India. Credit ICIMOD.

Asian Mountain Nations to Present Unified Voice at Global Climate Conference

Countries from the Hindu Kush Himalayas seek to present a unified voice at COP26 with their #HKH2Glasgow campaign.

by |October 14, 2021
The point where a glacier in Greenland meets the ocean

An Artificial Neural Network Joins the Fight Against Receding Glaciers

A new artificial neural network named CALFIN catalogues the rates at which glaciers are melting, demonstrating what the future of glaciology could look like.

by |May 5, 2021
Drang Drung Glacier in India

Studies Reveal Global Ice Melt Estimates Have Been Conservative

Ice is melting more rapidly than previously thought, according to two new studies, which examine some of the specific causes.

by |February 17, 2021

Timelines Project Paints the Lines of Glacier Retreat

Artist Fabian Oefner used drones and long-exposure photography to paint light trails on two Swiss glaciers, creating glowing lines that bring the glaciers’ dramatic retreats into high relief.

by |September 24, 2020

Ben Orlove on the Anthropology of Climate Change and Glacier Retreat

Scientist Ben Orlove discusses why it’s important to bring an anthropological dimension to the science of climate change and glacial retreat.

by |July 10, 2019
mountaintop glaciers in Trafoi, Italy

Mountain-Dwellers Adapt to Melting Glaciers Without Necessarily Caring About Climate Change

A new study challenges the assumption that communities have to believe in climate change before they can take action.

by |May 30, 2019

The Glaciers Are Going

Glaciers around the world have retreated at unprecedented rates and some have disappeared altogether. The melting of glaciers will affect drinking water supplies, water needed to grow food and supply energy, as well as global sea levels.

by |May 5, 2017