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person in field near wind turbines

Just Transitions: Can Wind and Solar Projects Turn Human Rights Lessons Into Leadership?

Wind and solar projects have a human rights problem. But they don’t have to.

by Sarah Dolton-Zborowski |August 25, 2022

Leaders from Glaciated Regions Highlight Importance of Women, Youth, and Indigenous Peoples at COP26

They discussed adaptation strategies for mountain regions.

by |November 12, 2021
Lush green mountains in the background are juxtaposed with a wasteland of cut lumber in the foreground.

Protecting Temperate Old-Growth Rainforest is Key for a Sustainable Future

As tensions run high between environmental activists, loggers and government in British Columbia, Canada, there may be more at risk than we think.

by |June 9, 2021

Tidal Communities Make Their Case for Shaping Resilient Coastal Futures

A recent conversation focused on three coastlines where Indigenous and Black communities are caught between rising seas and societal and development threats on land.

by |March 29, 2021
palm plantation

Strengthening the Rights of Forest Guardians Can Reduce Future Pandemic Risk

A recent webinar discussed a critical yet often overlooked strategy for pandemic mitigation: securing the rights of Indigenous forest guardians.

by Elise Gout |January 11, 2021
collage showing leaves and construction equipment

World is Not on Track to Achieve Global Deforestation Goals

Progress requires large-scale development projects to increase transparency and inclusion of grassroots and Indigenous groups.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |November 25, 2020
The tropical forest of the Maya Biosphere Preserve in Guatemala

To Preserve Tropical Forests, Empower Local Communities

In a recent webinar, researchers discussed communities in Guatemala that sustainably manage the local forest, creating jobs and income while controlling fires and narcotrafficking.

by |August 19, 2020

Yakama Nation Fishery Succeeds In Restoring Columbia River Sturgeon

After near extinction due to overfishing, hydroelectric damming, and climate change, the Columbia River white sturgeon has made a comeback thanks to Indigenous-led restoration.

by |June 26, 2020
An orangutan swings in a tree in a rainforest on Borneo

Coronavirus and Wildfires Combine to Pose Potential Threat to Indigenous Lives and Lands

But experts say it’s not too late to reduce the most serious effects of these compound issues.

by |June 22, 2020
photo of ceiba

Q&A: Exploring the Connections Between Environment, Equality, and Indigenous Issues

Ceiba — a teacher, musician, and activist — emphasizes the importance of listening to and learning from Indigenous peoples.

by Thuy Hang Tran |March 20, 2020