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COP27 and Its Outcomes for Kyrgyzstan

A Kyrgyz journalist reflects on COP27 and its results for Kyrgyzstan.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |February 2, 2023
Tian Shan mountains and lake

Collapsing Glacier in Kyrgyzstan Sends Worrying Signal to Central Asia

In Kyrgyzstan, where glaciers cover 8% of the land, a recent glacier collapse highlights the dire plight of glaciers in a country that depends on them.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |July 13, 2022

COP-26: A Kyrgyz Journalist’s Perspective

A Kyrgyz journalist shares stories from her time at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |November 11, 2021

Climate Change Is Destroying Honey Production in Kyrgyzstan

The loss of glaciers in Kyrgyzstan is having a devastating impact on water supply for farmers and wildflower pastures, imperiling the country’s renowned honey industry.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |November 9, 2021

Kyrgyzstan Will Move Away From Coal to Hydropower by 2050

At COP26, Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov made a statement about transitioning to an emission-free economy and the impact of climate change on the people of mountainous areas.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |November 3, 2021
Bright green grass covers the slopes of a valley between tall hills. White yurt tents are clustered in the center of the valley.

Grazing Disputes in Kyrgyzstan Reveal Pasture Access Concerns for Herders

A clash between livestock herders in the central region of the country uncovers political, economic, and environmental concerns among pastoralist communities.

by |July 1, 2020

Water and Energy Conflict in Central Asia

Water resources management in the Central Asia region faces formidable challenges. The hydrological regimes of the two major rivers in the region, the Syr Darya and the Amu Darya, are complex and vulnerable to climate change. Water diversions to agricultural, industrial and domestic users have reduced flows in downstream regions, resulting in severe ecological damages…. read more

by |August 18, 2009