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NYC Mayor Adams’ All-Star Environmental Leadership Team

Last week, Mayor Eric Adams took the time between the city’s many emergencies to announce his powerfully organized environmental leadership team.

by |February 7, 2022
people in street holding a sign that says 'climatejustice'

Teaming Up for Coastal Resilience and Climate Justice in NYC

The Resilient Coastal Communities Project will help address the growing risks of storm surge, flash flooding and sea level rise, in an inclusive and holistic manner.

by Paul Gallay, Annel Hernandez, and Eddie Bautista |January 31, 2022

Public Service and Community Can Address New York City’s Post-COVID Crisis

As we struggle to emerge from COVID, we have the direct and clear leadership of our new mayor and the noble service and sacrifice of NYPD’s Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora to strengthen our resolve. But it will take all of us in service to each other to ensure our recovery.

by |January 31, 2022

The Long Transition to Environmental Sustainability is Already Underway

The path to a circular, renewable resource-based economy will be long and difficult. But I am optimistic that the seeds of change have been planted, and the generation-long process has begun.

by |January 18, 2022

Let’s Build a Train From Brooklyn to Queens and Someday to the Bronx

Let’s build that interborough train line and once it’s up and running, build a second phase to the Bronx.

by |January 10, 2022

Building and Financing the Infrastructure of a Sustainable New York City

The city’s environmental sustainability effort spans many agencies and needs control and coordination by a senior official with experience and clout.

by |December 20, 2021
Soot and emissions pour out of a building in New York City

Study Shows Success of New York City’s Clean Heat Program

The ban of heating oil #6 has been effective in reducing air pollution.

by |December 8, 2021
bags of compost from the nyc department of sanitation

Opinion: Composting Should Be Mandatory in New York City

Composting is good for the planet, and it can be profitable. New Yorkers should be required to separate compostable materials along with recycling.

by Katherine Kam |December 2, 2021
A Tesla charging station in New York City.

Charging Forward: An Open Letter To The Next Mayor of New York City

In order to expand the use of electric vehicles, Mayor Eric Adams must democratize access to charging stations.

by Jeffrey Prosserman |November 5, 2021

Congestion Pricing is Slowly Coming to New York City

London, Singapore, and Stockholm have all managed to do something that New York City has been unable to do; enact and implement congestion pricing in its central business district.

by |October 4, 2021