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NYC heat vulnerability index map

8 Ways NYC Can Help Vulnerable Communities Survive Summer Heat

Communities of color are especially at risk from extreme heat, and COVID-19 has made cooling off more challenging for many. Here’s how the city can do better.

by Jenny Bock and Sonal Jessel |September 27, 2021

Protecting New York City from the Impact of Climate Change

The climate crisis and the extreme weather it brings will get worse before it gets better, and New York City’s very survival depends on our ability to finally respond to the climate adaptation crisis before us.

by |September 7, 2021

Governing New York City

It would be terrific if the next mayor leveled with us and recruited all New Yorkers to be part of a real effort at community building. Perhaps we might finally respond to this tale of two cities, and lift all of the city’s children out of poverty.

by |July 12, 2021

It’s Time to Invest in New York City’s Parks

The Biden administration is gearing up for a major effort to rebuild our old and decaying infrastructure: to invest in the economic well-being of all Americans. Let’s make sure New York’s parks are included.

by |May 17, 2021

The Next New York City

If we are successful in modernizing our economy and greening our infrastructure, and if we do this in a way that expands opportunity, then New York City should seamlessly regain its symbolic and actual place in our economy and in our consciousness.

by |April 12, 2021

Reviving New York City

My hope is that when we elect our new mayor during the June Democratic primary, we elect a leader who is ready to ask all of us “not what New York City can do for us, but what we can do for New York City.”

by |January 19, 2021

Remembering the Honorable David Dinkins

David Dinkins made us stronger, but he also made us and our city better, and we should honor his memory in this difficult time by rededicating ourselves to public service.

by |November 30, 2020

Institutionalizing Sustainability in New York City Government

Since the city’s term-limited mayor will be replaced by someone else, how do we assure that sustainability policy will continue to be implemented?

by |May 28, 2019
maps of jamaica bay marshes

Urbanization is Cutting Off Life Support to NYC’s Wetlands

New study reveals surprising facts behind a shrinking wetland, and suggests remedies.

by |September 24, 2018

Tracking Respiratory Infections in NYC, With or Without Symptoms

There’s a lot we don’t know about respiratory viruses and how they spread. A study currently underway seeks to unravel these mysteries, in part by studying people who are healthy enough to be walking around in Manhattan.

by |February 26, 2018