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A crowded subway train in New York City

Tackling Crowd Management in Subways During Pandemics

Columbia researchers are working with the MTA to develop machine learning and traffic models to optimize traffic flow during pandemics.

by Holly Evarts |December 16, 2022
sign about social distancing

Two Years Into Covid-19, Where Do We Go From Here?

As the world moves forward with cautious optimism, it is critical to evaluate how we can be better equipped to face a new variant in the future, or a new pandemic entirely.

by Irwin Redlener and Sean Hansen |March 15, 2022
Map of COVID deaths and social vulnerability by U.S. countie

Irwin Redlener on COVID, Politics, and Social Vulnerability

The director of the Pandemic Resource and Response Initiative discusses how inequality, politics and misinformation worsened COVID’s impact in communities across the U.S.

by |February 23, 2022
jeff schlegelmilch in washington dc

Disaster Expert Testifies in Congress Regarding Future Pandemics

Columbia Climate School’s Jeffrey Schlegelmilch spoke to members of Congress about how better preparedness before disasters strike can save money and lives.

by |January 20, 2022
palm plantation

Strengthening the Rights of Forest Guardians Can Reduce Future Pandemic Risk

A recent webinar discussed a critical yet often overlooked strategy for pandemic mitigation: securing the rights of Indigenous forest guardians.

by Elise Gout |January 11, 2021

The Communication Climate After 2020: Stormy but Hopeful

A global community, including the Earth Institute’s Initiative on Communication and Sustainability, is working hard to make information and connectivity matter a little more each day.

by |December 31, 2020

How Lessons From Bees, Leaves and Our Own Blood May Help Us Save Civilization

A new book argues that humanity can stave off catastrophe by observing how natural systems have evolved simple strategies to assure their survival.

by |December 1, 2020
monkeys in an urban area

COVID-19 and Biodiversity Loss: How Destruction of the Environment Leads to Pandemics

To protect ourselves from future pandemics, we must rethink humanity’s relationship with nature.

by Arooba Ahmed |November 24, 2020

Coming Soon? A Brief Guide to 21st-Century Megadisasters

A Q&A with Jeffrey Schlegelmilch, author of a new book on potential future calamities, and how they may play off one another.

by |July 14, 2020
cars in nyc street and empty bus lane

Reopening Mostly Erases Effects of Pandemic Reductions in CO2 Emissions

Although emissions temporarily dipped due to coronavirus, the numbers are bouncing back quickly as economies reopen.

by Marco Tedesco |July 3, 2020