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Green Jobs and the Transition to An Environmentally Sustainable Economy

The transition to environmental sustainability has begun, and it is important that it is connected to economic development and job creation.

by |February 28, 2022

Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy, and Electric Vehicles

The solution to environmental problems caused by technology will probably be addressed by new technologies.

by |February 21, 2022

Energy Modernization as Climate Policy

Energy modernization is the goal, greenhouse gas reduction is a much-needed byproduct.

by |January 24, 2022

The Long Transition to Environmental Sustainability is Already Underway

The path to a circular, renewable resource-based economy will be long and difficult. But I am optimistic that the seeds of change have been planted, and the generation-long process has begun.

by |January 18, 2022

A Realistic Transition to Environmental Sustainability

We need to understand nature better to both live within its boundaries and maintain our current way of life.

by |September 27, 2021
power plant

The Future of the Fossil Fuel Business

While fossil fuels are in decline, there is no reason that fossil fuel companies cannot adjust and play a part in the transition to an environmentally sustainable economy.

by |June 1, 2021

Forget Fossil Fuels and Focus on Renewables

Instead of taxing fossil fuels we should subsidize and invest in renewable energy.

by |February 1, 2021

Political Stability and Environmental Sustainability

While last week was wrenching, the electoral results in Georgia, the courage of many Republican elected officials, and the silencing of Trump’s Twitter account give us reason to hope that better days lie ahead.

by |January 11, 2021

Staying Hopeful in A Troubling Time

The recent birth of my first grandchild reinforces my desire to believe that the world that she will inherit will be at least as good as my world, if not better. I am trusting her future to the sustainability leaders and professionals that have emerged during the first part of the 21st century.

by |July 24, 2017

The Climate Crisis and the Transition to a Renewable Economy

What I am betting on is the growing sense of awareness and understanding of environmental issues among the people of the world. It could be that my personal perspective is a little warped. I’ve seen the environmental issue move from the outer fringes to the center of our political agenda.

by |April 25, 2016