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Closing Out Climate Week: Why 2 Degrees is Too High for the Cryosphere

Experts say that snow and ice loss will create conditions beyond the limits of adaptation for billions of people if climate warming reaches 2 degrees Celsius.

by |November 1, 2023
Three researchers sit in front of a slideshow with a glacier image.

Melting Ice and Rising Sea Levels: Why 2 Degrees Celsius Is Too High

At a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change side event in early June, representatives from several countries discussed the urgent need to address global loss of water and sea-level rise.

by Amy Imdieke |June 12, 2023
charts showing decline in sea ice under different emissions scenarios

Report Released at COP27 Gives a ‘Terminal Diagnosis’ for Summer Sea Ice

The COP27 State of the Cryosphere 2022 Report has stated that summer sea ice will melt completely, likely before 2050. This outcome is deemed “inevitable.”

by |November 7, 2022