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flooding in nyc street from hurricane sandy

What City Planners Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy

Based on a decade of data from Hurricane Sandy, two New York City planners explore the inequities of disaster mitigation and recovery — and what needs to change to prevent climate gentrification.

by Thaddeus Pawlowski and Donovan Finn |October 18, 2022
A comparison of forest cover before the British established a colony in New Zealand (left) versus today (right).

How Colonialism Spawned and Continues to Exacerbate the Climate Crisis

Colonialism was motivated by the promise of plundering the environment and subjugating populations. Its legacy makes it far more challenging to address the climate crisis and implement equitable solutions.

by |September 21, 2022
hands together over a work table

The Columbia Climate School’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Bias

As we build a new school, we have a unique opportunity to cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive community. Here’s how we plan to do that.

by Alix Schroder |October 25, 2021

GlacierHub Statement Condemning Systemic Racism and Police Brutality

There is no sustainable development without climate justice, and there is no climate justice without social and racial justice.

by GlacierHub Staff |June 9, 2020