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Fast-Wasting Antarctic Glacier Lost Ice Even Faster in Past, Raising Concerns for Future

Some time in the past 200 years, Antarctica’s giant Thwaites Glacier saw a period of retreat much faster than even that observed in recent years. It could be a warning of rapid sea-level rise in the near future.

by |September 6, 2022
The calving front of Thwaites Glacier.

Crucial Antarctic Glacier Likely to Collapse Much Earlier than Expected

Thwaites Glacier, dubbed Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier,’ has been predicted to undergo dramatic changes, with its ice shelf likely to break apart in as little as five years.

by |December 17, 2021

Subglacial Lakes in Antarctica Found to Be More Active Than Previously Thought

A new study finds that a system of lakes under Thwaites Glacier have undergone large drainage events, highlighting underestimates in the melting rate of the glacier.

by |December 18, 2020

Damage Uncovered on Antarctic Glaciers Reveals Worrying Signs for Sea Level Rise

A new study has revealed extensive new damage to two major Antarctic glaciers that creates the conditions needed for ice shelf collapse.

by |October 2, 2020

Into Deep Field

Moving a team from a science base into a deep field camp in Antarctica comes with a mix of high energy and optimism.

by |February 20, 2019
Twin Otter aircraft

Laying the Groundwork for Some Major Antarctic Field Campaigns

Fieldwork in Antarctica adds a whole new layer to the meaning of planning. When heavily field-based projects are planned, it is common for preliminary fieldwork to precede the larger project.

by |January 27, 2019

Weak Underbelly

Antarctica’s uncertain fuse,
A “weak underbelly,” said Hughes.
Pine Island and Thwaites,
Thrown open, the gates?
As humans, what path should we choose?

by |May 16, 2014