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Climate Services: A Regional Perspective

This is the second of ten interviews with climate and development experts conducted at the International Conference on Climate Services, held at Columbia University last October. We will be posting a new video every Tuesday and Friday morning.

Patricia Ramirez is the director of Meteorology and Climate for the Regional Water Resources Committee, which is based in Costa Rica. She wants to work more with the international climate community in order to understand how best to use existing information in the region to better advise ministers of agriculture, water and other sectors.

“…as a regional organization, we’ve been working to create networks to distribute the [climate] forecasts and outlooks… and to transform them into risk scenarios for different sectors like agriculture, health, food security, water, energy and disaster management. For that we need to work more with the international climate community, in order to learn more about how to introduce weather within climate and also how to make better decisions using the information we have in the region…”

Learn more on the ICCS website and the Climate Services Partnership.

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