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Yohana Tesfamariam Tekeste headshot

Ground-truthing With Yohana Tesfamariam Tekeste

Tesfamariam Tekeste helps farmers reduce their vulnerability to climate change. She tells us about her work, as well as some hard truths about why those vulnerabilities exist in the first place.

by Elise Gout |March 8, 2022
nicole davi headshot

Learning From Tree Rings: An Interview With Nicole Davi

A dendrochronologist explains how tree rings can teach us about our past, present, and future.

by Nataley Williams |March 8, 2022
mangrove forests near mesoamerican barrier reef

Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability: What’s New in the Latest IPCC Release

An interview with Ben Orlove, lead author on the report’s chapter on decision-making around climate adaptation.

by |February 28, 2022

A New Multimedia Package Offers Talks by Top Scientists on Climate Impacts and Adaptation

A printed book supplemented by electronic slides and a webinar series will present authoritative lectures from a wide variety of scientists across the world.

by |February 10, 2022

Lisa Goddard: Led Global Efforts to Advance Near-Term Climate Forecasting

Lisa Goddard, longtime director of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, has died.

by |January 21, 2022
flooding in highway

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish? NYC Budget Cuts Aggravated Flooding and Deaths

When drainage infrastructure isn’t maintained, even modest rainfall events can cause dangerous flooding.

by Yunus Kovankaya, Sara Schwetschenau, and Upmanu Lall |January 6, 2022
devastation of tornado

Three Questions About Last Weekend’s Devastating Tornado Outbreak

Natural hazards expert Chiara Lepore explains some of the factors that contributed to making the outbreak uncommonly dangerous.

by |December 14, 2021
somalian family climate migrants

Which Areas Will Climate Change Render Uninhabitable? Climate Models Alone Cannot Say

Understanding how people will respond to climate dangers depends not only on top-down data, but also on bottom-up community engagement.

by Radley Horton and Alex de Sherbinin |June 17, 2021
fire on a hillside

Conference Will Discuss Retreat From Rising Seas and Other Climate Hazards

From June 22 to 25, the Managed Retreat conference will examine the thorny questions around relocating homes and communities away from growing threats.

by |June 3, 2021
Farmers from southern Mali's Sikasso region tend to their cowpea crop.

Columbia Institute to Be Key Partner in New World Bank-funded Climate Resilience Project

The Accelerating the Impact of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa project will help farmers anticipate and prepare for destructive climate-related events.