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Pedaling to Power a Movement: An Invitation to Join Climate Ride 2013

By Scott Miller

As a professional studying sustainability management at the Earth Institute, I’m always looking for ways to integrate my interest in the environment with new and interesting projects. In April of 2012, my friend, and Climate Ride board member, Evan O’Neil, suggested that I apply my passion for sustainability to a 300-mile charitable bike ride from New York City to the US Capital building in Washington, D.C. to meet with members of Congress.  Initially I was hesitant.  I had never biked such a great distance nor had I ever attempted to raise thousands of dollars for anything. Despite these odds, I decided to challenge myself and to join the Climate Ride—I could not have made a better decision.

Through, I raised over $3,000 for the Earth Institute in a matter of weeks and completed the 300 mile ride.  The collective experience of passing through the changing landscapes across the five states through which the Climate Ride passes, speaking to locals and Congressional staff members about climate change, listening to inspirational speakers and forging life-long friendships with my fellow ride participants has been truly life-changing.

Climate Ride participants celebrate the end of their 300-mile ride in Washington, D.C. Photo:

It is in this spirit that I announce my commitment to the 2013 Climate Ride as captain of the official Earth Institute team and invite you to join me.  The first Climate Ride takes place from May 19th – 23rd, 2013, and passes through Northern California’s magnificent redwoods and beach towns along the dramatic Pacific Coast before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.  The second ride takes place from September 21st-25th, beginning in New York City and ending on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. As a participant in one (or both!) of these rides, you will help support the Earth Institute’s work to develop sustainable solutions to the most pressing problems of our time.

By being a part of Climate Ride, you will not only support solutions to environmental issues, but you will also promote change by working at the grassroots level with like-minded people and inspire and empower citizens to work toward a new energy future.

My 200 fellow participants on the 2012 ride represented an exemplary mix of diverse cultural, professional and academic backgrounds, all united in a shared passion for sustainability.  This fostered an incredibly strong professional and social network which has had a direct impact upon both my career trajectory and my new found affinity for long-distance cycling.

It is my hope that you will be inspired by this story and that you will join me in promoting awareness of climate change issues and supporting the development of new solutions by joining the Earth Institute’s Climate Ride team.  To become a participant in the California Climate Ride, click here. To participate in the NYC-DC ride, visit the Climate Ride website here.

If you’re not able to participate but would like to support the Earth Institute team, you can visit our profile here.

About Climate Ride:

Climate Ride is a non-profit organization that organizes fully supported, charitable bike rides to support sustainable energy solutions, bike advocacy and environmental causes. By participating, Climate Riders help to provide financial support, raise awareness, engage other riders and help to build a national network of supporters.  For information, visit:

About Scott:

Scott Miller is a MSSM student at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. After working for financial services companies AXA Equitable and OppenheimerFunds, Scott decided to integrate his passion for the environment by training to become a sustainability-focused professional through the MSSM program. Scott is a LEED Green Associate, Lower East Side Ecology Center volunteer and co-director of Seward Park Co-op’s composting program. Most notably, Scott is the co-chair of the Earth Institute Leadership Council.  A profile on Scott can be found here.



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