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Photos and Videos From Hawaii’s Volcanic Eruption

Volcanologist Einat Lev and her team from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory have just returned from tracking the Kilauea eruption on Hawaii’s Big Island. While there, Lev captured some incredible photos and videos of the eruption, both from the ground as well as during a helicopter ride.

lava fountain kilauea
A lava fountain sprays up. Photo: Einat Lev
lava steam kilauea
Lava flows into the ocean, creating a large cloud of steam. Photo: Einat Lev
lava flows into ocean in kilauea eruption
Another view of steam billowing out from where lava meets sea. Photo: Einat Lev

Shot of Big Island’s coastline. Photo: Einat Lev


Click here for more photos, and to read Lev’s reflections on visiting the eruption.

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