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Faculty Spotlight: Einat Lev, Volcanologist and Lava-Chaser

When she’s not visiting active volcano sites or working in her “plumber’s shop” of a lab, Lev is teaching the “Sustainability in the Face of Natural Disasters” for the Sustainability Science program.

by Frederique Fyhr |April 21, 2023

Cordilleran Ice Sheet Retreat Caused Volcanic Eruptions, Deoxygenation Events 10,000 Years Ago

New research shows that retreat of an ice sheet in the Pacific Northwest led to many volcanic explosions and ocean areas with low oxygen that threatened the health of marine ecosystems.

by |March 8, 2023

Preparing for Volcanic Eruptions at Okmok Volcano, Alaska

Researchers are working at a remote ranch in the Aleutians, commuting by helicopter to the brim of a volcano to perform maintenance on their monitoring equipment.

by |October 3, 2022
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Catching the Next Eruption of Axial Volcano

Diary entries from a research expedition that deployed seismometers on the ocean floor in hopes of recording the next eruption of a submarine volcano.

by Theresa Sawi |September 19, 2022

Water Content Controls the Depth of Magma Storage Under Many Volcanoes, Says Study

Research into volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands and elsewhere overturns the conventional understanding of what controls the depth at which rising magma is stored.

by |March 10, 2022

A Journey Into an Alaskan Volcano

A Columbia Climate School Ph.D. student recounts a research expedition into an active volcano in the Aleutian Islands.

by Jasper Baur |September 14, 2021
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Making Up for Lost Time: Earth and Climate Scientists Get Back Out Into the Field

Lamont’s field season typically sees as many as 50 to 60 expeditions, which take researchers to all corners of the globe. As pandemic restrictions begin to lift, teams are picking up where they left off.

by |August 5, 2021

Pod of the Planet Episode 15: Flying Into the Eye of the Volcano

In this episode, Kevin Krajick talks with volcanologist Einat Lev about her recent trip to study and film Iceland’s spectacularly erupting Fagradalsfjall Volcano.

by |May 28, 2021

Volcanoes May Have Large, Lasting Impacts on Global Precipitation

A new study employs natural climate archives such as tree rings to better understand volcanoes’ impacts on global rainfall patterns.

by |March 9, 2021
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You Asked: Why Is it So Hard to Predict Volcanic Eruptions?

Volcanologist Einat Lev tackles reader questions and explains how more monitoring of volcanoes could save lives.

by Divya Agarwala |February 9, 2021