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Sustainability Management Faculty Attend Global Impact and Sustainable Finance Consortium

people sitting at tables
Attendees taking a break in the proceedings at Northwestern University.

Bhakti Mirchandani and Curtis Probst, lecturers in Columbia University’s Sustainability Management program, attended the third annual gathering of the Impact and Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium. The gathering brought together leading academics and industry practitioners at Northwestern University from June 26 to 28.

The Impact and Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium comprises over 155 individuals, representing 65 universities from 18 different countries. More than 80 members were in attendance for the convening at Northwestern. The forum allows members to exchange experience and expertise, and keep abreast of new developments and research, all towards the goal of advancing the field of impact and sustainable finance. Bhakti delivered a talk on “Experiential Exercises in Impact Finance,” while practitioners and faculty from around the world covered topics including: “Impact Finance Frameworks & Models in the Classroom,” “Informing Instruction through Cutting-Edge Research,” and “Insights from the Field: Practitioner Panel.”

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