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Pod of the Planet Ep. 6: The Young and the Radio

Pod of the Planet · 6. The Young and the Radio

Saving the environment is a very good deed,
along with the things we always need,
like paper, shade, and air we breathe from trees…
—Asmi Haldar from Millburn, NJ

This episode came together from the results of a recent EcoAmbassadors workshop that was held online for students on how to use radio in their environmental activism. Originally the event was designed to be held at a school in Millburn, New Jersey, but because of the coronavirus the organizers had to alter the program.

Students were asked to produce an audio commentary on their coronavirus experience—how they were managing and what advice they might offer their peers.  Brighton Kaoma, a Columbia graduate student and veteran radio producer, helped conduct the workshop and put this podcast segment together.

“Community radio has the power to bring communities together,” said Radhika Iynegar, Director of Education at the Center for Sustainable Development. “Effective communication skills are required to understand and summarize topics. Our workshop helped the participants to learn key skills to communicate their personal stories to connect with their peers. Radio helps to ‘socialize’ during the COVID-19 isolation and foster mental health. We plan to use these skills to effectively communicate about local environmental issues.”

Thank you to the students for sharing their thoughts!

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