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Science for the Planet: Why We Need Legal Frameworks for Carbon Dioxide Removal

Ocean-based techniques to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere could help the US and other countries reach their climate goals, but they need to be advanced in a safe, just and responsible manner, says Romany Webb, Deputy Director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Climate at the Climate School. She discusses her work on crafting legal frameworks for carbon removal to help ensure that it’s conducted in a way that maximizes the potential benefits and minimizes the potential risks.

“We developed what we’re calling model legislation for ocean carbon dioxide removal research,” Webb says. “The idea is to draft a bill that could, in theory be enacted by Congress and would create a new legal framework. It would include requirements for public engagement and consultation around those projects.”

This is the third video of Science for the Planet, a short explainer series about how Columbia Climate School scientists and scholars are trying to understand the effects of climate change and help solve the crisis.

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