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Elza Bouhassira

Elza Bouhassira is the Senior Editor of GlacierHub. She is a graduate of the Columbia University-Sciences Po Dual BA Program.

Recent Posts

Science and Heritage: The Ice Memory Foundation’s Mission for the Planet

As climate change threatens an uncertain future, an international foundation is collecting and saving stories from the past in an unusual format: ice cores from disappearing glaciers that act as archives for both data and memories.

by Olivia Black |October 10, 2023

Chinese Scientists Are Combating a Glacier’s Melting By Covering It With a Blanket

Researchers at China’s Nanjing University are using a reflective blanket to stave off melting of the Dagu Glacier.

by Esha Karam |October 5, 2023

Statistical Modeling for Glacier Loss: Is It Accurate?

A study based on Iceland’s Bruarjokull glacier investigates whether to rely on statistical models to provide accurate insights into glacier retreat.

by Domino Jones |September 28, 2023

A Hidden World: Nighttime Photography in Greenland

Photographer Steven Giovinco shared his thoughts on the creative process behind his images on display in a new exhibition, ‘On The Arctic Edge’.

by |March 1, 2023

COP27 and Its Outcomes for Kyrgyzstan

A Kyrgyz journalist reflects on COP27 and its results for Kyrgyzstan.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |February 2, 2023

Letting Enchantment Lead the Way: Iceland’s Hidden Folk and Environmental Protection

A new book explores the world of wonder contained in Icelandic myth, and considers how it might spill out of storybook pages and into real life.

by Gísli Pálsson |January 19, 2023

Reflections on Visits to Pakistan

A conservation biologist writes about his trips to Pakistan over the last 30 years, reflecting on challenges, growth, and connections made over time.

by Marc Foggin |November 30, 2022

How the Rejected Chilean Constitution Would Have Protected Glaciers

In early September, Chileans voted against adopting a new constitution that, among other wide-ranging provisions, would have provided greater protections for the country’s glaciers.

by Marcos Mendoza |October 6, 2022

Abandoned Landscapes and Impermanent Places: Tom Kizzia’s ‘Cold Mountain Path’

Author Tom Kizzia’s 2021 book dives into the history of a town awash in Alaskan legend, telling a story that tries to capture the fascination that many Alaskans feel about the state.

by Alena Zhang and Elza Bouhassira |July 6, 2022

‘When Glaciers Go’ Producer Tashi Bista Speaks with GlacierHub

The documentary When Glaciers Go tells the story of a family in Upper Mustang, Nepal as they adapt to societal transformations brought about by climate change.

by Tsechu Dolma |November 16, 2020