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Permafrost Emissions Must Be Factored Into Global Climate Targets, Says Study

As the Arctic melts, permafrost there has the potential to send huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, but exactly how much is up for grabs, depending on what we do to stem climate change in coming years.

by |October 17, 2022

How Is Climate Change Affecting Ocean Waters and Ecosystems?

Biological oceanographer Hugh Ducklow describes decades of work in far-flung places to understand the evolving ecology of the oceans. The picture is not always clear.

by |August 29, 2022
a tank rolling through the Norwegian Arctic

NATO’s Cold Response and the Implications of Militarization in the Arctic

Russia’s decline of the observer invitation and the deaths of several marines underscore the seriousness of the circumstances which surround the event this year. 

by |June 8, 2022

New Film Explores Combining Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science to Understand Waning Arctic Sea Ice

A launch event will include clips from the film; discussion by Iñupiaq elders, scientists and the filmmaker; and audience Q&A.

by |January 21, 2022

Scientists and Native People Jointly Study Sea-Ice Declines Threatening Seal Hunts

Seals have been a staple for the coastal village of Kotzebue for generations. Rapid changes in sea ice driven by ocean warmth are presenting a challenge for hunters.

by |October 14, 2021

Arctic Sea Ice May Make a Last Stand in This Remote Region. It May Lose the Battle.

Researchers have zeroed in on what they call the Last Ice Area, where the last year-round Arctic ice, and associated ecosystems may–or may not–survive in a warmer future.

by |October 12, 2021

Russian Geopolitical Strategies in the Arctic Are Complicated by Rapid Glacier Retreat on Remote Islands

On a remote High Arctic island covered by glaciers, melting ice is a key player in Russian military and political interests.

by |September 16, 2021

A New Global Archive Helps Researchers Chart Changes in Arctic Animals’ Behavior

Researchers from around the world have established a new archive of data documenting changes in the movements of animals in the far north.

by |November 5, 2020
glacier in svalbard

Video Projected on Glacier Beckons Worldwide Climate Action

Youth and Greenpeace activists projected a video onto a glacier in Svalbard, following a trend of using glaciers to call attention to the climate emergency.

by |October 15, 2020

Warmer Temperatures Drive Arctic Greening

Using satellite images spanning decades, a new study has found that the northern tundra is becoming greener, as warmer air and soil temperatures lead to increased plant growth.

by |September 22, 2020