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Renewable energy. Photo: Kenueone / Pixabay

Climate School Experts on the Ukraine Crisis

As the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine unfolds, scholars offer their insights into what it means for the clean energy transition, food security, public health, and efforts to curb climate change.

by |February 28, 2022
smoke and industry on the horizon

New Report Examines Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Government-Owned Companies

State-owned companies emit more carbon dioxide than any country except China. Countries can leverage these enterprises to achieve climate and energy policy objectives.

by |February 3, 2022

Catherine McKenna, Former Canadian Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Joins Columbia University

As a visiting fellow with the Center on Global Energy Policy, McKenna plans to work on practical solutions to help scale climate action.

by |January 18, 2022

A Dozen Things That Helped and Hurt Climate Progress in 2021

2021 may turn out to be the most critical year in our efforts to combat climate change. What things helped and what things hurt climate progress this year?

by |December 28, 2021
Climate activists gather for COP25 in Madrid, Spain. Photo: Friends of the Earth International

What to Expect From the COP26 Meeting

What’s at stake this year at the United Nations’ climate change conference

by |October 23, 2021
Mahak Agrawal portrait image

Alumni Spotlight: Mahak Agrawal

An alumna of the MPA-ESP program, Mahak elaborates on her time at Columbia, discusses her career path in sustainability, and provides advice to current students.

by Sophie Capshaw-Mack |October 15, 2021
man stands behind solar panels

A New Global Study Refines Estimates of Rooftop Solar Potential

Rooftop solar can generate vast amounts of energy. But, how much of that energy could actually be used?

by |October 8, 2021

Recap of Climate Week NYC 2021 at Columbia

Climate Week NYC may be over, but you can watch recordings of most of the amazing events hosted across Columbia University and the Climate School here.

by |October 4, 2021

Raising Ambitions for Food Systems and Climate Change

The Food Climate Partnership is hosting an event on Tuesday, September 21 during New York City’s Climate Week 2021: Raising Ambitions for Food Systems and Climate Change by Uniting Science and Policy.

by Erik Mencos Contreras |September 20, 2021

Columbia Climate School Named University Partner for Climate Week NYC 2021

The newly founded school will play a key role in the week’s events.

by |August 11, 2021