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Ice Stupas Have Become a Popular Water Management Tool in the Himalayas. But Can They Work in Chile?

An innovative project led by Chilean engineers tests an Indigenous Himalayan technology in a new place. It has faced unique sociopolitical challenges.

by |July 7, 2023
flat rocky area with mountains in the distance

New Program for High School Students Will Explore Climate Complexity in Chile and Argentina

A Columbia Climate School expert shares her goals for the Climate Corps Pre-College Chile and Argentina Program.

by Laurel Zaima-Sheehy and Christina Deodatis |April 12, 2023

How the Rejected Chilean Constitution Would Have Protected Glaciers

In early September, Chileans voted against adopting a new constitution that, among other wide-ranging provisions, would have provided greater protections for the country’s glaciers.

by Marcos Mendoza |October 6, 2022

Glacier Retreat in the Andes is Bankrupting a Billion Dollar Corporation

The developer of a controversial hydroelectric project in Chile has filed for bankruptcy, blaming Andean glacier retreat and droughts for low water flows.

by |April 15, 2022

Blue Whale Population in Chile Threatened by Fishing Industry

Through vessel strikes and noise pollution, the fishing industry in Chilean Patagonia creates challenges for local blue whale populations.

by |July 13, 2021
Massive protest in Santiago, Chile

Environmentalists and Glacier Activists Are Poised to Rewrite Chile’s Constitution

A newly elected constitutional assembly is charged with rewriting Chile’s constitution from scratch, with strong representation from Indigenous peoples and environmentalists, including glacier activists.

by |July 9, 2021

Chasing Gold, Geysers and Geothermal Power With Carolina Muñoz-Saez

The postdoctoral researcher studies hydrothermal systems and will soon go to the Chilean Andes to explore how geyser activity there may be related to glacier growth and retreat over thousands of years.

by |March 11, 2021
A crowd of people carry a black banner that reads "No a Pascua-Lama" in white letters.

Chile’s Pascua-Lama Mine Legally Shut Down, but Mining Exploration Continues

The mine was ordered to close due to environmental violations, but the owner, Canadian company Barrick Gold, is still exploring mining opportunities in the area.

by |January 15, 2021
lots of small bits of plastic

Water Samples Reveal Microplastics in Remote Patagonian Fjord System

Microscopic bits of plastic have been discovered in remote pristine Chilean Patagonia, with implications for ecosystem and human health.

by |December 2, 2020

National Parks in Argentina: Scenery or Sovereignty?

A new study traces the political and economic forces that led to the creation and development of Los Glaciares National Park in Patagonia.

by |October 23, 2020