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2022 Climate News You Should Know

Climate School experts weigh in on the past year’s most noteworthy events and developments within their fields.

by Elise Gout |December 19, 2022

How Studying the Clouds Can Improve Climate Models

Kara Lamb discusses her research using machine learning to study cirrus clouds and how it can increase the accuracy of climate models.

by Elise Gout |November 23, 2022

Training for Dixie Fire Survivors Sheds Light on the Long Road to Recovery

One year after the devastating wildfire, residents of Greenville, Calif., are working to rebuild. Experts from the National Center for Disaster Preparedness co-hosted a training to facilitate the process.

by Elise Gout |September 15, 2022
how we got here logo

Behind the Podcast ‘How We Got Here’

Scientists Stephanie Spera and Rachel Lupien demystify how different professionals are addressing the climate crisis, one career path and podcast episode at a time.

by Elise Gout |April 21, 2022
Yohana Tesfamariam Tekeste headshot

Ground-truthing With Yohana Tesfamariam Tekeste

Tesfamariam Tekeste helps farmers reduce their vulnerability to climate change. She tells us about her work, as well as some hard truths about why those vulnerabilities exist in the first place.

by Elise Gout |March 8, 2022
haein shin headshot

Q&A With Haein Shin on Advancing Educational Equity

Shin develops educational content that empowers learners to contribute to building a more inclusive and sustainable future.

by Elise Gout |March 8, 2022
colorful minibuses driving in street

A Road Map for Minibus Electrification

A report co-authored by the Center for Sustainable Urban Development offers recommendations for electrifying a popular mode of transportation in three African cities.

by Elise Gout |February 23, 2022

You Asked: What’s the Best Way To Talk About Climate Change?

Columbia scientists, journalists, and content creators answer some of the most frequently asked questions about climate communication.

by Elise Gout |September 21, 2021

Experts Weigh In on Hurricane Ida and Deadly Flash Floods in New York City

Experts from the Columbia Climate School have provided their insights and perspectives to journalists across the country trying to make sense of Hurricane Ida.

by Elise Gout |September 10, 2021

Columbia Climate School Welcomes First Class of Students

In September, 90 students will begin their orientation for the M.A. in Climate and Society Program, the first degree program offered through Columbia’s Climate School.

by Elise Gout |August 30, 2021