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Multiform Floods: A Growing Climate Threat

When different types of floods occur in close succession or simultaneously, the challenges to communities can be immense.

by Astrid Caldas |August 16, 2022
waterway through rice field

Was It a Flash Flood or Not? Categorizing Disaster Types in Historical Records

Researchers develop new methods to assess flash flood risk to support anticipatory humanitarian action.

When Record-Breaking Is the Norm: Mitigating the Impacts of Extreme Rainfall Events in a Changing Climate

Rainfall extremes this year affected millions.

by Kai Kornhuber, Mona Hemmati and Andrew Kruczkiewicz |September 20, 2021

Experts Weigh In on Hurricane Ida and Deadly Flash Floods in New York City

Experts from the Columbia Climate School have provided their insights and perspectives to journalists across the country trying to make sense of Hurricane Ida.

by Elise Gout |September 10, 2021
Refugee camps built in the Bangladeshi hillside

Assessing Landslide Risk in Rohingya Refugee Camps

NASA and Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society partner with humanitarian organizations to provide near real-time data on land use, rainfall and elevation.

Q&A: Forecast-Based Financing for Flash Floods

A Q&A with IRI’s Andrew Kruczkiewicz about a new mechanism for taking early humanitarian action based on weather forecast information and socioeconomic risk analysis.

by |December 11, 2018