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Organizations Ignoring ESG Issues Are Asleep

The attack on an ill-defined concept called “woke” public policy has now been extended to attacking managers and investors who have the “nerve” to pay attention to a company’s environmental footprint, organizational governance practices and social and community impact.

by |March 13, 2023

What Did COP27 Accomplish?

Delegates from Columbia Climate School discuss the achievements and shortfalls of COP27, as well as what took place outside the negotiation room.

by Emily Halnon |November 22, 2022

Fossil Fuels Are Dying, but They’re Not Dead Yet

It’s relatively easy to hang banners and call for rapid change. It’s far more difficult to do the work required to build the new energy system we need.

by |November 14, 2022

Energy Insecurity and the Price of Gasoline Are Promoting Renewable Energy

While fossil fuels will be needed for a generation as we transition to renewables, they will ultimately be driven from the marketplace by price, pollution, and the performance of renewable energy.

by |August 1, 2022

Greenwashing Decarbonization

Better renewable energy technology will make greenwashing an idiotic strategy, and audited disclosure rules would make carbon-related greenwashing illegal.

by |May 16, 2022

Historically Redlined Neighborhoods Are Burdened by Excess Oil and Gas Wells

A new study adds to the evidence that structural racism in federal policy is linked to the disproportionate siting of oil and gas wells in marginalized neighborhoods.

by |April 27, 2022
small bits of plastic on a black background

Now’s the Time For Lawmakers to Care About Microplastics

Regulating these tiny, ubiquitous bits of plastic will not only address a public health threat, but also our dependence on fossil fuels.

by Madeleine MacGillivray |December 23, 2021
oil and gas well

Opinion: All Fossil Fuel Advertisements Should Be Banned

Greenwashing by Big Oil shifts blame away from fossil fuel companies and delays needed climate action.

by Alexandra Grant-Hudd |December 8, 2021

The New York Times Company Should Stop Creating Fossil Fuel Ads

As a former climate-focused writer at the paper, I think it’s time for the Times Company to stop making ads for fossil fuel giants, but not yet for a total ban.

by |September 1, 2021
people holding signs protesting climate change

Should the European Union Fix, Leave or Kill the Energy Charter Treaty?

The outdated treaty is an obstacle to addressing climate change. A legal expert weighs the pros and cons of several pathways around it.

by Martin Dietrich Brauch |February 12, 2021