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researchers sitting on ice with equipment

Year in Review: Our Top Stories of 2022

A list of some of our most popular articles and videos, plus some of our favorites that you shouldn’t miss.

by |December 22, 2022
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Columbia Climate School Hosts 7th Annual Sustainability Careers Reception

Students and professionals met to discuss the challenges and real-world applications of sustainability and climate.

by Kayley Jewel Beard, Annie Delgadillo, and Arushi Singh |December 9, 2022
chandler precht headshot

Faculty Spotlight: Chandler Precht

Learn more about the associate director of our sustainability programs, a South Florida native determined to protect the ecosystems that first inspired her.

by Frederique Fyhr |December 8, 2022
blurry trees and red sky

Will You Protect the Trees or the Forest?

Some environmental groups are prioritizing local, smaller-scale conservation over the critical goal of combatting global climate change.

by Allegra Reister |August 16, 2022

Alumni Spotlight: Jeffrey Fralick, Climate Risk Analyst

After graduating from Columbia’s Sustainability Science program, Jeff took a bit of a detour but eventually ended up at his dream job.

by |July 13, 2022
home thermostat in grey scale

Beyond Climate Change: What Happens Once We Control the Global Thermostat?

We’re developing the tools to slow and reverse climate change. If we succeed, our species will be managing the planet’s atmosphere indefinitely.

by Kevin Webb |December 14, 2021

Student Spotlight: Fia Hoque

As a current SUSC student, Fia Hoque discusses her interests in data analysis and management and the ways that she explores these interests at Columbia.

by Chloe Siao |November 2, 2021

Alumni Spotlight: Sharelle Pampo Copple

Copple, a recent alumna of the Sustainability Science program, shares how her experiences at Columbia have helped her make an impact on climate change research.

by Chloe Siao |October 19, 2021
nissan leaf charging in a snowy parking lot

As Electric Cars Drop in Price, They Could Become Vehicles of Racial Equity

The rapid spread of electric vehicles will help to reduce deadly air pollution in communities historically burdened by environmental injustice.

by Daryush Nourbaha |May 11, 2021
Mariví Perdomo Caba in winter hat

Staff Spotlight: Mariví Perdomo Caba

Mariví is the program manager for our graduate programs in Sustainability Management and Sustainability Science.

by Judy Jamal |May 5, 2021