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‘The Canary in the Coal Mine’: Most Olympic Peninsula Glaciers Will Disappear by 2070

A recent study projects that climate change will cause most glaciers on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State to disappear by 2070, threatening water resources, ecosystems, and tourism.

by |November 11, 2022

Glaciers Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death for Salmon During Heatwaves

A new study discovered that glaciers are vital for buffering stream temperatures and protecting species like salmon during extreme summer heatwaves.

by |July 7, 2022

When National Policy Stalled, This Community Took Climate Action Into Its Own Hands

Scientists, policymakers, and Indigenous tribes in Whatcom County, Washington, are working to address climate change within their communities and across the state.

by |May 19, 2022
Nooksack River in Washington State

Atmospheric Rivers Spur Debates on Flood Management in Washington State

After receiving unprecedented amounts of rainfall late last year, communities in northwestern Washington are asking questions about how to prevent flood damage in a warmer and wetter climate.

by |January 31, 2022
On the floor of the state legislature, Representative Debra Lekanoff stands and waves.

Representative Debra Lekanoff Works to Protect Washington’s Communities, Both Human and Salmon

GlacierHub interviews Debra Lekanoff, the only Native American woman currently serving in Washington’s state legislature.

by |February 11, 2021

Rising Water Temperatures Could Be A Death Sentence For Pacific Salmon

A new report shows a dire situation for salmon in Washington State. Populations are reeling from habitat loss, flooding and the repercussions of climate change.

by |February 10, 2021

Capturing the North Cascades

Photographer Stephen Matera talks to GlacierHub about his series of photographs on the Washington State mountain range.

by |July 14, 2020