satellite image of land blurring into ocean FROM THE FIELD
Earth Day

Decarbonization: An Animated Graphic

by Illustrated by Julie Winegard; Based on reporting by Renee Cho |April 22, 2022

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, Columbia Climate School has a variety of great events and stories lined up for you. Learn more on our Earth Day website.

For a deeper dive into what decarbonization looks like in different sectors of our economy, read the article that accompanies this infographic.

Infographic: What Is Decarbonization, And How Do We Do It?

To help advance our work, please consider supporting Columbia Climate School and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory today. You can also learn more on our Earth Day website.

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Kevin Strong
Kevin Strong
1 year ago

Thank God there are people in this world who have an interest in saving it. Isn’t preserving this planet an honorable goal for us to have?Isn’t providing life for future generations pretty important? Thank you to everyone who thinks this topic is of utmost importance, and has gotten past the point of it being an argument of some kind. This is not something that might happen someday- it is happening now.

Juri Hertel
Juri Hertel
1 year ago

Why is the worst culprit not named? The war industry?
Without including the crimes of the mafia into the interactive map (!) it looks like a smoke grenade.

Alex N Tsukernik
Alex N Tsukernik
7 months ago

The Planet Earth, our inhabited, gem of a world! Some people in the USA, and around the world are actually doing something to save it and all the biological diversity, including the biosphere and biomes for the survival of all living creatures into the future!