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International Team to Drill Deep Through Antarctic Ice Into Ancient Sediments

The research project, dubbed SWAIS 2C, will investigate the sensitivity of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to global warming of 2 degrees Centigrade.

by |November 20, 2021

Upcoming Scientific Fieldwork: 2021 and Beyond

Earth Institute researchers are in the field studying the dynamics of the planet on every continent and every ocean. Here is a list of projects.

by |August 24, 2021

Scientists Track the Sudden Disappearance of an Antarctic Ice-Shelf Lake

A rarely seen phenomenon may not bode well for the future survival of the ice.

by |June 24, 2021

Sidney Hemming, Paleoclimate Detective, Wins Guggenheim Fellowship

A Q&A with the geochemist, who plans to investigate a key climate interval millions of years ago.

by |April 13, 2021
Sea squirts on ocean floor

How Climate Change Is Affecting Sea Squirts In Antarctica

As melting glaciers alter ecosystems in and around Antarctica, scientists study how sea squirts react.

by |March 18, 2021

Far-Drifting Antarctic Icebergs Are Trigger of Ice Ages, Scientists Say

Large numbers of icebergs that drifted unusually far from Antarctica before melting into ocean waters have been key to initiating ice ages of the past, says a new study.

by |January 13, 2021

Subglacial Lakes in Antarctica Found to Be More Active Than Previously Thought

A new study finds that a system of lakes under Thwaites Glacier have undergone large drainage events, highlighting underestimates in the melting rate of the glacier.

by |December 18, 2020
nick frearson in sunglasses in icy terrain

Nick Frearson Designs Devices for Earth’s Most Extreme Environments

An engineer at Lamont-Doherty, Frearson builds instruments that help scientists collect vital data in Antarctica, the deep sea, and at the top of volcanoes.

by |October 30, 2020

Damage Uncovered on Antarctic Glaciers Reveals Worrying Signs for Sea Level Rise

A new study has revealed extensive new damage to two major Antarctic glaciers that creates the conditions needed for ice shelf collapse.

by |October 2, 2020

Stability Check on Antarctica Reveals High Risk for Long-Term Sea Level Rise

The warmer it gets, the faster Antarctica will lose ice, and at some point the losses will become irreversible. That is what researchers say in a new cover story in the leading journal Nature, in which they calculate how much warming the Antarctic Ice Sheet can survive.

by |September 23, 2020