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New Film Explores Combining Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science to Understand Waning Arctic Sea Ice

A launch event will include clips from the film; discussion by Iñupiaq elders, scientists and the filmmaker; and audience Q&A.

by |January 21, 2022
A person in a red coat stands in front of ice two times his height. The ice is covered with a white blanket.

Glacier Blankets in Switzerland Highlight Global Disparities in Fighting Climate Change

Although geotextiles have helped to slow glacier melt in Switzerland, they are a climate change adaptation that’s not affordable or feasible in many developing countries.

by |January 5, 2022
Soot and emissions pour out of a building in New York City

Study Shows Success of New York City’s Clean Heat Program

The ban of heating oil #6 has been effective in reducing air pollution.

by |December 8, 2021

Leaders from Glaciated Regions Highlight Importance of Women, Youth, and Indigenous Peoples at COP26

They discussed adaptation strategies for mountain regions.

by |November 12, 2021

COP-26: A Kyrgyz Journalist’s Perspective

A Kyrgyz journalist shares stories from her time at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.

by Baktygul Chynybaeva |November 11, 2021

Issues of Inequity Explored By the Next Generation of Hudson River Educators

When it comes to access to nature and environmental protection of these resources, environmental resources are all too often not allocated equitably.

by |August 29, 2021
rainbow over tall buildings across biscayne bay

A New Dataset Could Aid Climate Justice Research

Researchers have combined information about social vulnerability with data on mortgages, evictions, and threats from climate change. The new dataset will be freely available to other researchers.

by |August 19, 2021
low lying island with houses on it

What is Needed for Fair and Equitable Managed Retreat?

Self-determination, recognition of historical drivers of climate risk, and a new approach to buyouts, according to participants at a recent conference.

by Kristen French |July 1, 2021
somalian family climate migrants

Which Areas Will Climate Change Render Uninhabitable? Climate Models Alone Cannot Say

Understanding how people will respond to climate dangers depends not only on top-down data, but also on bottom-up community engagement.

by Radley Horton and Alex de Sherbinin |June 17, 2021

Climate Migration: An Impending Global Challenge

As climate change impacts intensify, more and more people will likely be forced to leave their homes and potentially cross borders into other countries.

by |May 13, 2021